Discuss the Scope of Development Administration.

The Scope of Development Administration.

The scope of development administration is gaining radius with the passage of time. It takes on comprehensive development of mass. Environment plays important role by providing conducive surroundings. The scope of development administration includes the following components:

Development Administration and Culture.

Development administration is cultubound. The culture of any country is base of its social structure. It provides an operational framework for administration. The historical legacy of production pattern and process and behaviour pattern of society would surely affect the development process.

However, culture is also dynamic which in turn changes the administrative system and get influenced by such changes itself also. The commitment of administration to the ideology of development and change can definitely usher in cultural change.

Development Administration and Wide Spectrum of Development Programs.

Development programs include the programs related to agricultural development, health, education, communication, social development and like that. These programs to succeed needs efficient and innovative administration which could be able to set right goals and follow appropriate path to achieve them. Here, the principle of politics-administration dichotomy is dropped.

Thus, development administration covers the whole spectrum of multifaceted tasks of administration and management of development programs.

Nation-building and Social-Welding.

The aim of development administration is just not to expand the infrastructure of development but also to reconstruct the social structure. It is required to induct the process of modernization into the society and put an end to the patronizing approaches of a traditional culture. The social structures that obstruct the development process should be modified or scrapped. The nation-building programme can succeed only when developmental activities can lead to social change.

Planning and Programming.

Proper planning is prerequisite of any task to accomplish successfully. Planning includes, assessing the available resources, determining, the priorities then formulating plan accordingly and implementing it for sure or maximum success, it also requires monitoring the plan and then evaluating the gains and losses. The very survival of the government programs depends on the efficiency of development administration to implement, monitor and evaluate them properly.

Programming implies the process which throws out knowledge about gaps in information or skills needed and the groups of people who willingly came up to tale. initiative. Planning and programming both can thus lead to achieve the goals of development.

Development Administration and Ecology.

It is not only the external help or know how which can lead to development. The administration only resonant to political and legal institutions can not lead to development, it is only when the administration is influenced by its environment that it can work successfully. So, it is required that administration should be ready for change and change should be according to the surrounding environment.

Development Administration is Organic.

Development administration can not work mechanically like a dead machine consisting of nuts and bolts. Development is related to every aspect of human life So, human element becomes an important part of it. It should work for the people and with the help of the people.

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