Discuss the importance of Human Resource Management in tourism.

The importance of Human Resource Development for tourism industry is increasingly being realized. There is a need to mobilize the human resource with the purpose to enable them to participate in the task of organizational development and nation-building. Mobilization would include the need to develop the human resource, their skills, knowledge, attitudes, so that they can achieve competently the pdetermined goals.

Obviously the efficient and professional management is prequisite of successful tourism development, Having equal importance, however, is the quality of staff training, which is often relatively neglected during the early stages of tourism sector development. Tourism basically being, a service business, a developing destination must take the necessary steps to build a pool of efficient trained people to fill various jobs, which will be created subsequently.

The purpose of Human Resource Development is to improve the capacity of the human resource through learning and performance at the individual, process and, organizational levels. By applying a well-ordered and professional HRD approach to work in the protected areas held, the skills, knowledge and attitudes of park personnel will be enriched and this overall quality of work performed will improve.

There are a number of problems and constraints, which concern the human resource development in the tourism industry, viz., shortage of qualified manpower, shortage of tourism training infrastructure and qualified trainers, working conditions in tourism industry and lack of proper strategies and policies for human resource development.

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