Discuss the Importance of Human Resource Development in Tourism.

These aspects of human resource management and development are essential for every sector but in the case of tourism, they have a special significance. This is because tourism is a service industry and here the customer is not only buying a service or a product but he is also experiencing and consuming the quality of service which is reflected in the performance of the persons involved in the production and delivery of the service.

Since what is marketed here is a relationship between the customer and the producer of services, the importance of human resources becomes vital for the success of the business. Generally, in such service operations, the emphasis has been on courtesy and efficiency and it is assumed that the service in tourism is all smiles and effective communication.

However, with the changing nature of tourism and growing specializations, only smiles, communication skills and courtesy will not serve the purpose. For example, a guide May be very good in communication but unless he or she is equipped with knowledge and information related to the monument or the city, he or she will not be able to perform quality service.

Similarly, a driver may be very good at driving but unless he knows the roads and addresses of the city, only his driving capabilities will be of no help in providing quality service. And we must remember here that tourists, whether foreign or domestic, are increasingly becoming more demanding as regards quality of service.

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