Discuss the contribution of the Human Relations Approach to the theory of Administration.

Human Relations Approach contribution to the theory of Administration:

The implications of a human relations approach to educational administration are numerous. First off, a human relations approach steers managerial focus towards an emphasis on employee enthusiasm, morale and contentment rather than just productivity alone. An emphasis on this democratic approach developed the term democratic administration.

This in turn influenced a more democratic approach to administration in teaching, leadership strategies, decisions, etc. The emphasis on human relations and democratic style in turn developed what is termed principles of administration. This entails suppositions of how things should be or how individuals should behave within the realm of an organization.

Discuss the contribution of the Human Relations Approach to the theory of Administration.

A school in which a principal utilizes a human relations perspective is one in which the staff feel they are able to work freely as a team without coercion or manipulation from administration. Suffice to say, most educators prefer a work environment as such. This environment is one in which administrators do not hover over teachers and staff, suspiciously monitor work, or deliver commands in a hostile or threatening manner.

Instead, the school with a human relations perspective embodies an atmosphere in which relational aspects such as developing and maintaining positive relationships are deemed of high importance. In addition, the campus environment is one of high teacher morale. Staff members are enthusiastic about coming to work everyday and genuinely excited to be a part of the school team. In this campus, the Principal sets a tone of encouragement and embraces the concept of employees as important individuals who are capable of influencing the school in a positive manner through their own unique skills.

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