Define worker in social group work and the factors that influence the role.

Social group worker is a person with knowledge, skills and values. Group worker is just at the helping hand than being a group leader. His influence on the group is indirect rather being direct. He works as a teacher who knows the subject matter better than anyone else. He works with the group with his own pace and methodology.

He is not a part of the group, but he enters in the group when the members/any member need professional help in the group. It is also noted that in every group social group worker is not needed. Many groups are capable of carrying out all their programs on their own. Professional group worker is a part of the group whenever the help is required.

Group workers role in the group begin at various stages in different stages. He performs roles even before he meets the group. His role in the already formed group depends on the need and help required by the group. Worker’s role differs in each and every group, because groups and situations vary in each group. As a group worker the person has to be flexible and adaptable.

Factors that Influence the Role of the Social Group Worker: The worker must understand the group and the circumstances around the group before defining the specific aspects of role in it. Factors which influence the role of workers are:

  • Community setting,
  • Nature of agency, its function and scope
  • Agency facilities and programs,
  • Kind of group in which he is working,
  • Interests, needs, abilities and limitations of group members,
  • Skill and competency level of worker,
  • Amount of help needed by the group.

It is very difficult to describe the role of the worker in a group. His work includes techniques which can be applied in varying regularity of group situations. Some group workers carry their responsibility with great deal because the group is newly formed and in later times he may refrain from carrying the group responsibility. With one group the worker may make a definite attempt to help that group participate with other groups in carrying out some large undertaking.

The pdominant constant factor must be thoroughly understood by the worker because he is representative of the agency. He is not a member of the group but rather a worker who has the responsibility of helping the group use the agency to fulfill all parts of its needs. His skill as a group worker is always put in practice within the accepted policies and procedures of the agency. What roles he performs in the group will depend upon the basic method of work in agency beliefs.

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