Define Suicide as a social problem and type of Suicide?

One of the major social problems in India is suicide. Overall in India every year one lakh suicides take place. Besides the overall number of victims, geographical spread, class background, income group, economic status, occupational antecedents, age group, family situation, etc, all specify that suicides are more regular incidences here. The close special absorption of suicides between the deprived sections of society emphasizes about the deep socio-economic roots of suicide.

Government is gradually thinking of not treating suicide as an offense. Ever since the famous study on suicides by the renowned sociologist E.Durkheim, social science has evolved ways of understanding and tackling the set of circumstances, processes, and structures, which lead people to take their own lives. Suicide is expiry consequential in a deliberate act of self-destruction when it is known that procrastination will have deadly consequences.

There are mainly three types of suicides.

Altruistic Suicide.

It is a type in which person is very strictly assimilated with a group or society that ends their life for the welfare of the group. This type of suicide is motivated to serve the needs of the group. Altruistic suicide is based on self-loss and inclines to happen in social systems which de-emphisise upon importance of the individual.

Anomie Suicide.

This suicide ends up the person in normlesshess or societal disorganization. The importance of the group has no significance for the individual and he starts feeling lonely, and confused. Any distraction in the way of life of a man leads to this type of suicide. Anomie suicide is the result of not being getting integrated into the system and thus feeling isolated and thus he starts thinking that all these social norms as meaningless.

The occurrences of anomic suicide are presumed to be greater in societies who experience very high rate of change, rapid disintegration of old fashioned social hops. It is high among divorced or unmarried people.

Egoistic Suicide.

Suicide that takes place in the existence of strong social norms where individual is made to feel personally responsible. This leaves a lot of burden on the individual. The group is not strong enough to give the individual sufficient support and strength. Neither the person is adequately assimilated to diminish his individual feeling of accountability and guiltiness for ethical flaws and disaster.

Egoistic suicides happen because of strong and high value system, weak group inclusion, and an uncontrollable sense of personal responsibility.

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