Best Free Online Website Builders 2024 | Editor Choice

Website Builders or Website Makers help you in for creating a website pain-free. You don’t need any types of coding like, html, PHP, .net etc. You not even need any knowledge of website hosting or FTP. You just need to select a right website builder. Website builder is a service which helps you to create a website using drag and drop functionality or you can choose premade templates. An award winning support is also to help you.

Here we listed 10 Best Free Website Builder:


10 Best Free Website Builders 2024 | Editor Choice

Wix is the first editor’s choice for free website builder. Wix is provide hundreds of features, and thousands of free templates. If you are using free website builder than wix using a small space on your website to show the ad. If you use paid plan the this ad space is yours, and you can use it according to your need.

Wix also provide custom domain service. But, If you are going to be using free domain, then your url is being looked something like this

Website URL:

Features: Free SSL, Mobile Friendly, SEO Friendly, Smart Tips, Corvid, Analytics, Social Tools and more.


10 Best Free Website Builders 2024 | Editor Choice

Weebly is the editor choice website builder. And good as much as Wix. Weebly has some limitation in numbers of features in a free plan, on the other hand, one advantage also its URL length is short as compared to Wix. (URL looks like this: One important thing about Weebly, if you are using the Weebly free plan, then you should aware about that. He uses yours website bottom screen for showing his ad. This ad look like live-chat box.

Website URL:

Features: Powerful Website Builder Tools, Ecommerce Website Builde, Mobile Apps, Mobile Responsive, Free Website Templates, App Center and more.


10 Best Free Website Builders 2024 | Editor Choice

Webnode is a popular choice of free website builders with more than 40 million users around the world. Webnode completely revamped their editor, making it very modern.

It’s really easy to get set up with Webnode. The whole website building process could be done in about five minutes. Webnode’s editor is very easy to use, Like other free website builders Weebly or Wix. It’s almost a drag-and-drop editor.

Website URL:

Features: User-Friendly, Free Domain Name, Reliable Hosting, Regular Backups, Fast and Smooth Loading, Brand Email, Mobile Ready and more.


10 Best Free Website Builders 2024 | Editor Choice

Jimdo is a good choice of the free website builder if you want to set up an online store and sell through your site. The good thing about Jimdo is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg even if you decide to go premium one day. Their cheapest Jimdo website builder’s plan at INR 300 per month and will allow you to use a proper domain.

The team behind Jimdo are very passionate about helping you build a free website, and things are kept simple so you can jump right in. This can be really handy if you’re new to the world of website building.

There are also no banner or pop-up Jimdo ads with the free plan, just a tiny note in the footer. Their (pretty limited) selection of templates is not only free but fully compatible with Smartphone’s and tablets (responsive). There’s also a mobile app that you can use to build and edit your site. And in contrast to most other site builders, Jimdo also lets you use the online store – up to 5 articles for free.

Website URL:

Features: Beautiful Designs, Automatic SEO, Professional Domains, Easy-to-Track Statistics, No Transaction Fees, Beautiful Product Layouts, Flexible Product Variants, Convenient Payment Methods, Professional Designs and more.


10 Best Free Website Builders 2024 | Editor Choice

SITE123 is a simple to use website builder that focuses on helping you get online. Site123 claims to be “by far” the easiest website builder, and while their tool is certainly not too difficult to use, we’d say that there are even more user-friendly ones. What’s great about their builder is that they have some pretty good looking themes that are all responsive.

One of the Good things about site123 is that, they don’t show ad on landing page under free plan. Site123 free domain name format is The .me ending is less powerful than a .com option, but otherwise it’s pretty reasonable.

Website URL:

Features: Website Editor, Mobile Friendly, Free Hosting, SEO Tools, Custom Domains, Sell Online and more.

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