Write short notes on Hygiene, Habits and Fitness.


Personal care and hygiene are important to us as individual. They enable us to stay clean, neat and tidy throughout the day. In the travel and tourism industry, it is also a discipline demanded by your employers and customers. Hence, you need to cultivate the following practices –

Have a bath daily, if necessary, even twice a day. Wash your hair at least twice a week. During your bath pay special attention places like the ears, nose and neck where dirt can accumulate. Use a soap and/or shampoo that suits your skin and hair.

Trim the nails of your fingers and toes regularly. If you use nail polish, then avoid gaudy colors and use a pastel shades. Since your hands are on display all day long, see that your nail polish is not chipped and your hands are well-manicured.

Wear a fresh set of clothes everyday, especially under clothes. Make sure that your clothes are well tailored to give you a proper fit and comfort, are clean, well-ironed and properly warm so that your look elegant.


Our habits are matter of personal concern to each person, yet they should not irritate or annoy our customers. Some of the common habits that many people have are that of biting and cleaning dirty nails, pencil in your mouth, digging the nose, wiping perspiration, touching or scratching-parts of the body all in the presence of customers/clients. Be alert and conscious of these habits. If for any reasons you must do it, then use the toilet for the purpose.


One of the important things we owe to ourselves which has a great effect on our personality development, is to keep fit and slim. To achieve a desired degree of fitness we need to eat a healthy diet and to exercise regularly. Eating is dictated by hunger and appetite.

Hunger is a basic urge that fulfills a physical need, while appetite can make you eat even when you are not hungry. Appetite is stimulated by the smell and sight of food, and not by physical need. There are also many compulsive eaters who feel the urge to eat when they are emotionally tense or upset, or even bored. Overeating is a means of compensating for their frustrations. So be aware of why and when you eat.

A certain degree of calorie consciousness by healthy eating habits go a long way in maintaining your health and figure. Healthy eating calls for intelligent selection of foods and preparations that satisfy both hunger and the palate. Including fresh fruit and raw vegetables in your diet provide many of the nutrients required for your body. It would be advisable to include them in all your meals.

Another important way to achieve and maintain a good figure is to exercise regularly. This not only enables us to lose weight, but gives firmness and tone to the muscles which makes the figure proportionate.

Regular exercise also improves the general health. It improves the efficiency of the respiratory system and the heart. Adequate sleep (6 to 8 hours) is very important to keep fit. The tourism and hotel business, as you know is a “Show business” where one is often hectically socializing. However, a disciplined life-style will keep you fit and energetic for your job.

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