Describe the types of events for tourism.

Events take place in normal course or are organized specially to highlight some of the unique aspects of a country, area or people. These events could be of interest to people outside the country or area. Such events could attract tourists if they became aware of them and can become promotional events. Onam is an important festival in Kerala occurring in August-Sept. Traditionally, at Onam time, there are a lot of festivities. One of them is boat racing.

This festival Onam in Kerala, along with the boat races and other programmes, promotes Kerala as a whole to the rest of the country and the world, showing the state’s attraction ways of its people, the songs, the festivities and the legends. This is a promotional event when these events are organized regularly every year, tourists both domestic and international, plan their visits to Kerala during this period. Kerala occupies a special place in the tourist calendar. Many states celebrate special events, similarly. The Pongal in Tamil Nadu, the Ganesh festival in Maharashtra, the Durga Pooja festival in West Bengal and the Desert festival in Rajasthan are some examples.

Events,however are not developed only on traditional, social and religious festivities. Khajuraho and in Elephanta dance and music festivities are organized where the best artists in the country perform. Set to the back drop of the historic monuments, these occasions acquire a certain uniqueness.

Presenting both, the place where the event is organized as well as richness of the country’s tradition of fine art. An international sports event like the Olympics of Asiad, an international conference, an exhibition visited by a large number of people from the world over an anniversary can be made into a tourist promotional event. Hotels may create theme events, such as Thai week or France month with food, decor and entertainment giving the flavor of the country named. On a bigger scale, the Indian festivals have been organized in U.K., U.S.A., Russia and France. The French festival was organized, in India, with events in several cities, enabling the citizens to wath and experience dances, cinema, music, food, dress, nature etc of the other country.

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