Write a short note on Khajuraho Temples.

Madhya Pradesh is well known for it’s world famous group of temples which are known as Khajuraho temple and which are located in Chhatarpur Tehsil of District Chharpur in Bundelkhand – Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. It has been an ancient pilgrim center. Though its tourist potential was discovered only lately i.e. in 1950s. A group of twenty four temples kindled the interest of the Government of India in Khajuraho as a place of tourist attraction dating back to the period 950 A.D. —1050 A.D. These temples, attributed to the Chandela rulers, represent Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religion traditions.

They contain one of the most exquisite specimen of architecture and the sculpture of these temples are the primary tourist attraction. The temples, according to their location, are grouped into three major complexes — the Western, Eastern and the Southern. But from the tourist point of view Western constitutes the most important complex Matangeshwara Temple here also has a religious significance for the local people and pilgrims from surrounding regions.

Both, the domestic and foreign tourists are attracted towards Khajuraho. However, the duration of their stay is very short. Only about 40-50 percent tourists make an overnight stay. A large number of tourists and domestic excursionists visit the Khajuraho for a day only, especially on holidays and Sundays. The climate geography of the place is such that the tourist season spans only from October to about the beginning of March. The summer months are unbearably hot and the tourist traffic becomes almost negligible then.

The host or local community consists primarily of people engaged in agricultural, activities. Most of them are illiterate and do not relate much to the artistic excellence of the temples. For them the temples, like the Matageshwara temple, have only religious significance. The local community however celebrates several cultural festivals on occasions like Basant Panchmi and Shivratri. These festivals are attended by a large number of pilgrims from surrounding villages.

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