What does mean by Heritage Hotels? Mention the objectives of the Heritage Hotels Association.

Heritage Hotels are the hotels run in the Palaces/ Castles/ Forts/ Havelis built before 1950. These hotels serve twin purposes. They have promoted tourism secondly they are successfully preserving some of the India’s most valuable monumental heritage. The concept of Heritage Hotels was developed in Europe where French chains of Relasis et Chateaux, the British chains of small Luxury Hotels, the Spanish par-adores and several others link some very historic and exquisite properties into hotel chains. These Hotels are generally visited by couples, families and small groups because these hotels mostly cater to special interest tourism.

In India after independence royalty was marginalized and Jagirdari system was abolished and the erstwhile rulers and nobles had to learn to earn their living. By 1970, the privy purses were discontinued and titles of the rulers were abolished by law, that made them common Indian citizens. As a result number of forts, palaces within and outside their cities, shikar badis or haunting palaces, outhouses, water palaces, mountain retreats and beach houses began to be neglected.

First of all Maharaja Man Singh II of Jaipur changed his palace into Hotel. Thus by opening Ram Bagh Palace Hotel the Maharaja of Jaipur set a new trend which has continued to the present day. This Hotel comes under the management of Taj Group of Hotels. Later other Maharajas and princes also changed their Palaces into hotels.

This concept is also being applied in other ways also. For example a hotelier got the traditional wooden houses of Kerala dismantled from different places and put them again near the back waters in an area and a new resort ‘Coconut Lagoon’ came into existence.

Aims and objectives of the Association:

To guide and assist owners of Forts, Castles, Palaces and other traditional houses and Havelis of Architectural and historical importance to change into hotels and to guide such hotels in the modem techniques of maintenance, marketing and operation of hotels in the best traditions for the past glory and grandeur.

To guide and assist the Heritage Hotels in the patronage of rich Rajasthani Art and Culture through folk songs and dances and through village means thereby giving impetus to local talents.

To secure approval and recognition of Heritage Hotels front the Ministry of Tourism and I or from Rajasthan Tourism Department for obtaining all sort of concessions and licenses.

To take care of various problems facing the Heritage Hoteliers and to seek solution to such problems and to devise suitable remedial measures.

To develop and encourage ‘Heritage Tourism’ to reach the remotest palaces, forts, castles and other historical places of Rajasthan.

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