Why is alternative tourism considered as the most positive motivation for tourism?

Alternative tourism is that kind of tourism, where tourists like to do things differently. Alternative tourists want to be more with living cultures rather with other tourists. Instead of using special tourist accommodation and facilities, they prefer to use or share the services of local population. In this way they get the opportunities to experience some aspects of their lives.

Tourists prefer alternatives because they are concerned with the negative impact, which mass tourism can have on a destination. Tour operators can specialise in such forms by focusing people and their culture rather than providing created comforts. Such trips may be of an extended duration, may cost less than providing created comforts and the traditional two week vacation but they may be also high priced.

Travel is with local friends and the purpose is to come to one’s own understanding of political, social and religious traditions. India is a popular alternative destination. It is a “subtle mix of ancient and modern, ritual and urban, filled with local color and vitality”.

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