What is the development of self-system as proposed by Bandura.

The self-system by Bandura is the set of cognitive structures that involve perception, evaluation and regulation of behaviour. The self-system allows us to evaluate our own behavior in terms of previous experience and anticipated future consequences. Based upon this evaluation, we then exercise some control over our behaviour or self-regulation.

Bandura said that there are three components involved in self-system. They are self-observation, judgemental processes and self-response.

Self-observation: We regulate our behaviour by monitoring our own performance and adjusting our behaviour accordingly. The self-observed factors depend partially on the environment.

Judgement: We make a subjective evaluation of the consequences of our behaviour. We evaluate our performance without comparing it to others. We also compare our performance to the performance of others. Our judgements are affected by the value we place on a task or skill.

Self-response: We provide self-reinforcement or self-punishment depending upon our standards and our behaviour.

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