What is the contribution of road transport in tourism?

Contribution of road transport in tourism: Road transport is the most common and suitable means of transport specially for short and medium distances. It provides the basic infrastructure for bringing the majority of people who live in far-off villages into the mainstream of national life by connecting them with different places. The main advantages of road transport are flexibility, reliability, speed and door to door service, besides supplementing and increasing the efficiency of the other modes of transport.

Indian roads are classified into the following categories 

  • National Highways: National highways are the principal arterial routes connecting the union capital with the state capitals, major ports and various highways.
  • State Highways: connect state capitals with district headquarters, important cities and towns within the state, the national highways and adjacent states.
  • District Roads: take the traffic from the main roads to the interior of each district and to rural areas.
  • Classified Village Roads: connect villages or groups of villages with each other and to the nearest district roads and other main highways, railway stations and river ghats. These roads provide the basic infrastructure in rural areas.
  • Unclassified Village Roads: are mostly earthern roads, they are merely tracks in the rural areas. As per IATO manual “most of the roads are quite good however link roads leading to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries may not always be good.”

Now for tourists specially visiting to the hill areas and wild life sanctuaries road transport is the only means of transportation available. In that regard the inter-state bus system is well developed and the quality of buses varies.

Many State Transport Corporations run frequent ordinary buses, some semi-deluxe and deluxe buses and a few air-conditioned coaches. Advance bookings are available in the last three categories and all information’s are available at the bus-stands. Throughout the year certain bus operators conduct tours particularly for pilgrims to certain areas covering many places at a time. Taxis, car rental system, matador vans etc. are some other services in road transport.

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