What is Editing in News Writing, and its needs?

Editing is a key function of a news organization. An unedited copy is like rough-edged diamond. The editing team, also called the desk persons, works under tremendous pressure and severe time constraint, yet they ensure that copy should go clean and well edited. News editing is making a copy worthy for print and readable, correcting factual and syntactical errors, giving the required shape and size by using the right kind of expressions and styles. A copy is edited to highlight the “news sense” in a story, and to bring uniformity of language and style in an issue of a newspaper.

What is New Editing.

Received news items, called copy, are processed in the news room. Unwanted news items will be weeded out and the newsworthy stories get finally selected. News items after selection will be taken on different pages in a newspaper. Accordingly, desk persons (sub-editors/chief sub-editors) will take the copies or they will be given by a news editor. There will be some copies which require rewriting.

There will also be some well-written articles which are written by
experienced reporters. The copies will be checked for grammar, syntax, facts, figures and sense.

Needs of Editing.

The desk (news room) in a newspaper or in a news agency receives a large number of news items from different sources. Most of the raw news copies when received lack the basic criteria good writing. There will be different types of mistakes in the copies. It may not be properly structured. The news point will be buried. There will be spelling errors in names of places or people. There will be syntax errors.

Reporters write in a hurry, especially in the evenings, when the news development gathers momentum. The copy written by them under pressure carry errors of all types. Also, the duty of a desk person is to cut the copies as per the space and requirements of the newspapers. The desk person has to ensure that a proper headline is given. Considering these factors editing of the news copy becomes essential.

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