What does front page of news paper contains?

The front page of news-paper is the face of a newspaper. Front page is normally read first by the readers. It draws the attention of the readers. Newspapers also design their front pages attractively. No other page of a newspaper looks like the front page. The front page shows the qualities and identity of a paper.

All the important news of the day are carried on the page one. Most of the newspapers carry three/four big stories in the front page and some important news are given in brief in a column on the front page. Some newspapers also carry whether report in brief, stock market indices and gold and silver rates on the front page.

Newspaper Identity:

The front page of a newspaper is like the face of a person. The front page is the identity of a newspaper. Every newspaper has different types of masthead. If you compare the front page of two newspapers, take for example The Times of India and The Indian Express, you will find that they have different sizes of masthead. The Times of India’s from page is divided into eight columns while The Indian Express has six columns. They use different fonts and types sizes for headlines and body copies of news stories. Every newspaper has some typical features on their front page.

The Masthead:

The name of the newspaper written in big fonts on the top of the front page is called Masthead. All newspapers write the Masthead in big fonts. They are generally bold. Some newspapers have masthead written in simple format, some newspaper use style and italic fonts. If you compare the Mastheads of some newspapers, you will find that they have different type sizes in Masthead.

The Headlines:

The headlines are the important in a newspaper. They draw the attention the readers. Many newspaper readers read only headlines. Headlines also compel a reader to read the story. Each headline is a new and unique challenge for a page designer. The headlines for him are much more than just a set of words. The page designer is responsible to make each headline as distinct as possible within the given newspaper format. On a particular page, each headline has different font and different type size.

A headline can be a single line and run horizontally across columns or two lines. You can see the difference clearly if you open a page. Each page designer uses his own experience and creative genius to make the page attractive and give each news item an appropriate placement on the page. Most of the newspapers have their style (font and type size) for headline for different page and position. Generally, sub-editors/copy editors give headlines in newspaper.

Placement of Photographs and Cartoons:

Photographs, cartoons and graphics have special significance in a newspaper. Photographs, cartoons and graphics improve the look of a paper. They provide aesthetic appeal of a newspaper. Placing a picture or cartoon at wrong place may not only reduce its utility, but also reduce the design appeal of the total page. Photos and illustrations are evaluated on the basis of their subject-matter, topicality, clarity and news value.

The page designer has to see whether picture has independent news value or has to be juxtaposed with a particular news story. Their size needs adjustment because of the space constraint.

Over-all Page Design:

Newspapers have their own unique design. No two newspapers are the same. Some newspapers carry cartoon in the front page. Some newspapers have pointers under the Masthead. Some newspapers have table and graphic illustrations on the Front page. Some newspapers have single column story along with four/five three/four column stories.

They are unique in their own look. Some newspapers have kicker headlines. Some newspapers carry hammer headlines. Some have blurbs/strap and quotes in a box. All these elements contribute to the over-all design of a newspaper.

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