What do you understand by tourism system?

Tourism system means conceptual approach which helps to identify the dynamic elements of tourism. The boundaries of tourism are flexible. At present tourism is being systematically viewed as a framework in which the theory and practice link up with each other to address the satisfaction of all those concerned with the functioning of the system.

The important element of tourism system is its historical potential for development and resulting benefits. However, the system operates within a global economic environment along with national priorities.

The Tourism System has a four-tier framework which is shown in the flowchart:

What do you understand by tourism system?

The constituents of tourism industry divided into two categories : 

  1. Primary/major constituents, and
  2. Secondary constituents.

Primary Constituents:

Very essential constituents are listed under this category.

Transport: Transport is an essential constituent of Tourism. A mode of transport is needed to move from one place, to another.

Accommodation: Tourist needs a place to stay that is good accommodation, which could be of any types from cottages to tourist lodges, hotels, a house boat, etc.

Catering, food and entertainment: Tourist also needs something to eat, and hence comes the role of catering and food. Different forms of entertainment is also provided as attractions at the destinations.

Intermediaries: The intermediaries constitute the travel agency, tour operator and guide services. The constituent which co-relates all the components of tourism is the travel agent/tour operator.

Government Departments/Tourist information centers etc: Many National and International organizations related to tourism form part of the Tourism industry.

Secondary Constituents:

These are those services which are directly or indirectly related to tourism.
  • Shops and Emporiums: These sell various products to tourists.
  •  Handcrafts and Souvenirs,
  • Local taxi/transportation,
  • Hawkers and Coolies,
  • Communication services at destination,
  • Touts and Brokers,
  • Advertisement and Publishing industry, and
  • Artists, performers, musicians etc.
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