What are Rights? Explain the nature and importance of Human Rights.

Rights in fact, are those conditions of social life without which no man can seek, in general, to be his best. It is clear from the discussion of definitions given above that rights are those conditions recognized by the state and society which are essential for the human development. As the aim of the society is to develop ideal individuals, the ideal will be the same in which man, without any struggles, finds these conditions in the society. Man wants to fulfil his many needs. It develops his life. He should be given opportunities for the fulfillment of these necessities. He makes efforts for getting these opportunities. His first demand is that he should be given such opportunities which may help him in the achievements of his needs. The rights stand on these very demands.

In the oxidental political philosophy the concept of human rights got recognition in the 20th century, though its start dates back to the 17th century itself but it has got a logical form in the present century. In the beginning natural rights of man were accepted as the human rights. In the universal declaration of human rights the aftermath of the first world war played a very significant role. During this period dictatorial regimes were established in several countries of Europe.

The declaration of Human Rights has been described in the preamble that for world peace, freedom and justice it is essential that we should recognize the intransfrable rights of man in order to establish human pride and honour. This declaration in three paragraphs depicts the political, civil, social economic and cultural rights along with the duties of man towards the community.

The declaration reaffirmed its faith in the human race, and talked of human rights as universal which could be ascribed to human beings irrespective at the law of a particular state. If covered significant aspects of human freedoms and conditions of life, though not all claims, and imposed duties on governments to promote these claims. An account of human rights set out major rights and duties of man and society in relation to other individuals, the institutions within which all live, and the organs of government. They are based upon the principle that rights are the means to secure the good life at the individual in the society, and the task of government is to adjust conflicts between equal rights of the individual in order secure good life for all.

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