Unlock 1.0: Instructions, Guidelines, Rules and Regulations

Unlock 1.0 is the Initial phase towards unlocking the country After 68 days of complete lockdown, Total restrictions will end in 3 phases to bring the country back on track, Now people are  able to travel without pass from 1st June, night curfew will stay (Night Curfew new time is Morning 5am to Night 9pm), and spiritual areas, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls will start from June 8, yet this decision taken by state authorities.

The very first phase of Unlock-1, all spiritual places, resorts, restaurants and shopping malls will soon be opened from June 8. At the identical time, in the next phase, all educational institutions, such as colleges and schools, are set to start. But, its date will be determined in July on the basis of initial stage feedback from the countries. After this, the next stage will determine on beginning foreign flights, metro rail, and swimming pool, gym, societal, cultural, sports and political activities.

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Underneath the Comprehensive instructions of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, limitations in the Containment Zone will probably stay in force until June 30 according to the detailed guidelines.

The district government will determine the containment zone given the transition scenario. Only medical and vital goods and services will probably be approved in this zone.

State and Union Territories could impose certain limitations according to the situation by fixing the buffer zone beyond the Containment Zone. Apart from this, restrictions might be imposed in different areas in accordance with the requirement.

Stages of Unlock 1.0

First Stage: Religious sites, public places of worship, hotels, Restaurants and shopping malls will probably start from June 8. The Ministry of Health will issue instructions for them.

Second stage: Educational institutions such as schools, colleges, coaching Etc. will soon be opened following conversation with the states and union territories. State Government and Union Territories will give feedback to the Center after consulting parents and educational institute operators.

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Third step: Determination of dates for start of flights, Metro rail, theater hall, fitness center, swimming pool, amusement park, theater, pubs, auditorium, social, political, sports, entertainment, instructional, cultural, spiritual ceremonies and other big events are going to be in the next phase.

There’ll be no restriction on movement of people and goods from 1 state into the other or anywhere within the state from Monday. No separate clearance or e-pass will probably be required for this. But when a state or union territory wishes to stop the movement due to health reasons, then it needs to be widely publicized . Labor specials, special trains, domestic airlines along with return of stranded Indians overseas will last. Regardless of whether or union territory shall prohibit the supply or movement of products.

Guidelines & Instructions for Workplace for individual at workplace

  • Face covering will be compulsory in public places, areas of Work and travel.
  • In public areas everyone must follow a distance of 2 Yards (six feet).
  • Big public meetings and applications will be prohibited. Restrictions on over 50 individuals attending weddings and over 20 individuals attending funerals.
  • Spitting in public places will be punishable offense, fine will be levied.
  • There will be ban on drinking alcohol, gutkha and tobacco Etc. in public areas.

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Guidelines & Instructions for Workplace

  • Provide work for home as far as possible.
  • Business hours to be followed in offices, offices, stores, Markets, businesses and business establishments.
  • Organize for environmentally friendly screening of workers, hand washing and Hand sanitizer in the entrance.
  • There should be regular sanitization in offices. Maintain Cleanliness in mind during change shift.
  • Social distancing ought to be followed. Have sufficient gaps Between changes.
  • Emphasis should be given to workers to use the Aarogya Setu App.
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