UAE’s Amal spacecraft rockets toward Mars in Arab world 1st

UAE launched its first spacecraft rocket towards Mars from Japanes launching center on Monady, and start of a seven-month travel to Mars. That can be Arab world’s first interplanetary mission, and UAE set a goal to human colony on Mars.

Arab world’s Mars orbiter named Amal. Amal launched from the Tanegashima Space Center aboard a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ H-IIA rocket on time in 6:58 a.m. (2158 GMT Sunday) after being delayed five days by bad weather.

Together with “Amal” success in 2024, UAE also going to celebrate” 50 years” of nation foundation in upcoming year.

“UAE Mars mission, also give a strong message Arab youth if the country able to reach Mars in less than 50 years, they could do much more,” Sharaf said.

Creating a spacecraft is not easy even in the event that you have a lot of money, so UAE chose spouses instead of doing it by yourself. Emirati scientists worked together with researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, University of California, Berkeley, and Arizona State University.

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The spacecraft was constructed at Boulder and transported to Japan since the two nations seemed to expand their ties with all the rich and politically stable Middle Eastern nation.

UAE is the newcomer in the space development, And has successfully put three Earth monitoring satellites into orbit. Two were created by South Korea and started by Russia, and a third — its — has been started by Japan.

Emiratis people also acknowledged this Mars mission is a step ahead for the Arab world.

China and America both proposed two other Mars missions in forthcoming days.

U.S. plans to send a rover called Perseverance to look for signs of ancient life and collect soil and rock samples for return to Earth. Liftoff is targeted at July 30.

China aims to explore the Martian surface using an orbiter and rover and to hunt for water and ice with a launch expected around Thursday.

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