Twitter flagged another Trump tweet for violating its policies

Twitter has once more flagged an tweet by US President Donald Trump that encouraged violence by stating if protesters attempted to create an “autonomous zone” at Washington, DC they’d be fulfilled with “serious drive”.

Here is actually the fourth period Twitter has reddish flagged Trump “therefore tweet for glorifying violence or breaking up its own policies.

Trump was critical of this “autonomous zone” at Seattle, a region inhabited by protestors for much of the month.

Trump had tweeted:”There’ll not be a “Autonomous Zone” at Washington, D.C., so long as I”m President. Should they try they’ll be satisfied with severe force!”

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Twitter before labeled a movie tweeted by him that mocked CNN as controlled websites.

Based on Twitter, “that this Tweet was labeled per our artificial and controlled media coverage to provide people more circumstance”.

Twitter afterwards labeled another Trump tweet glorifying violence where he explained, “if the looting begins the shooting begins.”

Facebook also eliminated a Trump campaign advertisement with a symbol employed by Nazis for political dissenters, stating the advertisement violated its own policies.

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