Top 10 Easiest Pokemon To Draw

Pokemon has had its long run after its first debut in 1996 in Japan. The first show came with Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red. It became phenomenal soon as it was aired. The franchise is now prevalent in various countries, especially the US. Even today, not only children and teenagers but adults are also aware of the series. This franchise was one of the most successful adoptions in the history of movies and series.

Even those who are not very fond of watching the anime know about the pokemon series with its special face tag, Pikachu. This instance of the mouselike creature with a cute yellowface is the name that everyone has at least heard of. It became famous with its undisputed name and appearance.

When toddlers and teenagers are at their stage of cartoon drawings inspired by cartoon web series, each of them thinks of drawing the pokemon characters at least once. The creatures, especially, are the love of every child. Here are some of the simplest drawing tips for the pokemon characters.

1. Voltorb


You will agree with me as it is one of the simplest pokemon creatures. We can draw it after drawing out of a perfect circle. It comes with a face and two eyes on it. Half of which is red and the other half is white. It is thus one of the classic drawings which the child can try.

If you recall the pokemon, it is one of the most sensitive ones on the show. It can easily burst out when provoked. It has an aggressive expression on its face. People often confuse it with a Pokeball.

2. Ditto

This one is a slime-like body creature. The creature has a flexible body with a smile every time. Yet it has a temper and can be exponentially frightening. It is powerful as people in the show have difficulty catching and using one.

It is also one of the easiest to draw. The slime-like body makes it extremely easy to make an anonymous glob. Paint the glob purple. Draw two dots for the eye and a smile which has a gap.

3. Dratini


Dratini is a cute snake-like creature having triangular ears and wide gigantic eyes. The body is a blue-colored one with a diversion of white. It is a dragon-type pokemon that is supposed to be powerful yet calm.

Although the design might seem hard, actually drawing is pretty straightforward.

A snake-like body with a lengthened tail. Well, that is how the character is defined, a dragon.

4. Swalot

Swalot is a rather sponge-like creature having a leaf-like structure above its head. The drawing of the fellow is pretty simple when you randomly create a circle with a tail and snubbed eyes. They boldly imprinted the lips, which again is a smooth design.

The color is a light green with a yellow leaf up headed above. Both the evolutionary forms of swalot and gulpin are easy sketches to draw. The colors are distinct and are rather pragmatic to draw.

5. Wobbuffet


Now our very own wobbuffet who creates the comedy the series required in the past of the series. We have seen the creature jumping around, defeating itself to force our bellies to hurt with laughter. This funny one is an effortless draw as well.

If you get a mental picture of its body, the blue overcoat-like structure with black tails. The tail has its distinct sets of eyes. The plain blue color is an easy fill when the body is structured.

6. Jigglypuff

And here comes our beloved singer. The pokemon had all the charms required to become the same iconic face as Pikachu. The big green-bluish eyes and the pink globe-like body. And of course not to forget the mick which it carries everywhere.

It is a Fairy-type pokemon and has a narrow wisp of hair on its face. Well, her whole body is the face, so never mind. The eyes are an easy draw because they are wide, with distinct colors at every part. When finished with the eyes, pretty much 85% of the work is done.

7. Snorunt

If you are ready to step a little ahead of what we call easy, It is the perfect option. The pokemon has a triangle-coated face that hides its black body. It is an ice-type one and comes into the sight in various movies and the famous generation 3 of the pokemon games. With huge white teeth and blue dots as the eyes, the drawing is going to be pretty exciting.

The light colors cover the dark-colored body, which gives the perfect contrast of glows.

8. Pikachu


Pikachu is the world-famous mouse that has compelled even adults to watch the series. It has an eye-soothing face with an aw-dropping contrast of red cheeks and a yellow body. It is indeed one of the most popular ones in the show and the movies.

If you’re looking for something easy with a tinge of a challenge, Pikachu might be the best challenge. This electric rat mouse is the companion of our protagonist, Ash.

It has a rodent-like body with a zig-zag tail. The colors are pretty elemental. Special attention is to be given to the shape. It has a contrasting color with brown starting with yellow at the end.

9. Seedot

Seedot is a con-type body creature having a shape similar to a pie with a cup.

The enormous eyes are a distinct style with a comparatively larger foot. It is also one of the simplest designs. Get the hat right. The rest goes very basic.

10. Togepi


The egg pokemon is also one of the charming ones at the show. It is like a half-hatched egg with half a body still inside the egg. The design is downright simple. The shells on the egg are pretty basic too. It might take time to draw, but we cannot categorize them as hard.


Drawing is fun for kids when they are drawing something they like. Undoubtedly, kids are huge fans of pokemon. Different pokemon creatures have their base. Try these beginner drawings and create your picturized pokemon.

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