Sleep paralysis has been mentioned throughout history. It isn’t a medical emergency. Sleep paralysis or a Parasomnia is a state, during falling asleep or waking up, in which a person can hear, feel or see the virtual things which are not there, but unable to move or speak.

The reason behind sleep paralysis can lack of sleep, psychological stress, or abnormal sleep cycles. It might also be because of genetic changes.

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a type of a few seconds or minutes, paralysis attack, between the waking up and falling asleep time. During the sleep paralysis period a person starts seeing unknown things and he/she can also able to see and hear, but unable speak and move. It is a little scary, but generally not serious.

Many research said, 8% and 50% of people experience the sleep paralysis at least one or more times in their life, and about 5% people are regular suffer for this.

Sleep paralysis has been mentioned throughout history. Aliens and paranormal events may be the reasons for this, but research not claims this. It is also believed that dysfunction in REM sleep is one of the main causes of Sleep paralysis.

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What are the symptoms and signs of sleep paralysis?

The main symptoms of sleep paralysis or temporary paralysis are that, it makes a person temporarily disabled for few second or minutes. During this period of time a person starts imagining the sounds and pictures. A person can feel everything but his body will not react.

He may also feel the other sounds such as voices, whispers and roars and sometimes fear of human faces. According to the study, many people also feel some pressure of his chest during this period of time.

These signs are usually accompanied by extreme emotions such as fear and panic. Sleep paralysis could include hypnagogic hallucinations, such as a supernatural creature suffocating or terrifying the individual, accompanied by a feeling of stress in chest and trouble breathing.

What Causes Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis might be caused by a disconnect between mind and body, which happens during sleep, but not yet identified the actual reason. Although some studies claims the several reason for sleep paralyses, which are as:

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How to stop sleep paralysis?

There is no single pill that can be taken to eliminate SP from your life and prevent future episodes, but that doesn’t mean you should panic.

Till now there is no exact or proper medicine for sleep paralysis, but no need for panic. Usually this health condition don’t need of treatment. But there is some yoga, mental exercises, home remedies and sleep schedule might be helpful to get rid of it quickly.


It has many health benefits, yoga can help you to improve your sleep, and make your full day energized. Yoga also helps you to protect from insomnia, and insomnia is one of the main sign or symptoms of sleep paralysis.

Mental Exercises:

Best mental or brain exercise is Meditation. Meditation helps to reduce you in reducing the stress and anxiety, which is also the main causes of sleep paralysis and other health problems such as high blood pressure, headache, sadness or depression, sex infertility, etc.

Home Remedies:

Healthy diet is one of the main causes of health problem. And there are some home remedies which helps you to get rid of sleep paralysis and improve your sleep cycle and REM sleep. A glass of hot milk before bed is best of improving your sleep performance, if you add turmeric to it make an advantage of multi health benefits.

Another home remedy is to avoid heavy dinner before bed, or eat it 2 to 3 hours before the bed. Heavy food might upset the stomach, which can cause the dysfunction of the sleep cycle.

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Sleep Schedule:

Make a schedule of your sleep, stop using blue screen and mobile at least 40 minutes before the bed. This helps you to get rid of insomnia and improve your REM sleep quality.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis

Is sleep paralysis bad?

According to research, Sleep paralysis are common and about 2 to 5 people out of 10 might be suffering from this, but don’t have any type of health risk factors. During the session of sleep paralysis you may fear and panic.

You may also feel as paranormal activities around, however, it is normal in the session of sleep paralysis, but there is no need of treatment of it as well.

Is sleep paralysis a dream?

No sleep paralysis is not a dream. It is a time during falling asleep or waking up, in this event a person unable to speak and move. Some paranormal thing he can feel.

Is sleep paralysis real?

Yes, sleep paralysis real, but whatever you see during the session is not real. 2 to 5 people out of 10 might be suffering for this one or more time in his lifetime.

Is sleep paralysis dangerous?

No, sleep paralysis is not dangerous; even you don’t need any treatment for this. But if you suffer frequent or regular, then you can consult with a doctor or can try some of yoga, exercises or meditation which really helps with the sleep paralysis condition.

Is sleep paralysis normal?

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Yes, it is normal 2 to 5 person out of 10 at least once suffer for this condition in their life time.

Is sleep paralysis genetic?

Genetic change might be the reason of sleep paralysis, because when genetic and hormones start changing, it can affect the sleep cycle, and disturbances in sleep cycle are one of the main cause of sleep paralysis.

Is sleep paralysis scary?

Yes, it may be scary because during the event of sleep paralysis you can able to see and feel, but unable to speak and move. Whatever you see during the sleep paralysis condition is not real; everything is generated by your mind.

All sound, images everything is generated by your mind, therefore no need to scare and panic, and this condition can be last for a few seconds to a few minutes.

Can sleep paralysis cause death?

No one denying that sleep paralysis may be dreadful experiencing. However the fact is there’s nothing to worry about. It does not lead to any physical injury to your body; any no one claims any death from sleep paralysis till date.

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