Top 7 Screen Recording Software for Windows PCs

Videos are one of the most useful tools these days. Just think about how many videos you watch every day, through various streaming services. You know that watching videos has become a significant part of our lives since we can learn a lot from them. At the same time, we can use these for entertainment.

We all know that a significant percentage of people have a much better opportunity to learn through visual than audio contact. Not to mention that video has become an important tool of marketing due to the many values it can provide users with. So, you can see how important these have become in this day and age.

Videos can provide us with much more information than just reading a book or listening to audio. Creating any sort of video is not an easy thing to do. Numerous tools can help you with this procedure, mainly screen recording software.

Today, we want to provide you with some tools for Windows PCs that can be helpful during this process.

1. FlashBack Recorder


The first screen recording tool we want to talk about is FlashBack Recorder. The recording process with this one is so simple that you can’t expect it to get easier than that. It is flexible, so you will not need to look for some special conditions for it to work properly. You can use it anywhere.

Besides the video, it can assist with capturing the audio. What needs to be stated is that you can use it to record simultaneously via multiple screens. Plus, it is possible to record your narration. So, if you are looking for a screen recorder for windows, is the way to go.

2. OBS Studio


If you are interested in taking a look at some free software of this sort, you shouldn’t look any further than OBS Studio. Even though you can use it for free, you will get numerous useful features like streaming, high-level editing, and exceptional recording, all of which are extremely effective.

Also, you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t have any sort of limitation when it comes to the length of the video. Plus, don’t think that the resolutions will be a problem since you can work with full HD, HD, and a wide array of different ones. With video games, the frame rates that can be documented are up to 60FPS.

3. Apowersoft Unlimited


Those who are interested in recording and casting videos from various devices, like mobile phones and PCs, should pay attention to Apowersoft Unlimited. You can use this tool to start streaming from all of these simultaneously. In this day and age, this is not an unexpected occurrence.

Still, not all tools out there can provide you with this possibility, don’t you agree? Yet, you need to understand that it offers you numerous recording modes. You can use a custom area and full-screen recording, just to name a few. Your desktop PC just needs a proper internet connection and you’re good to go.

4. VSDC Screen Recorder


Next, we want to discuss the VSDC screen recorder. Once again, we are talking about a completely free tool, which can be used by people who are about to start a YouTube channel but are on a tight budget. All you need to do is to find it online and download it on your computer.

Furthermore, using this one is rather easy. There are just a couple of features you can use. We will name all of these, blank projects, slideshow, content import, video, and screen capture. Also, it is possible to come up with a couple of keyboard shortcuts that can make using these tools significantly easier.

5. Camtasia


Now, we’ve got to the premium tool that’s not free, but you can be sure that Camtasia, can provide numerous aspects that are worth the investment. We are talking about a tool that is considered perfect for those who want to create training videos and presentations. Editing with this one is flawless.

If you want to make the video interactive, this tool can provide you with this possibility. For example, you can add some callouts, shapes, texts, and annotations to the videos you create. Furthermore, you should know that Camtasia offers you the chance to work with numerous formats, like MPEG, JPB, or GIF.

6. ShareX


ShareX is an open-source tool that provides you with numerous possibilities. Those who don’t enjoy seeing ads whenever they use a certain program will be happy to know that ShareX doesn’t have any of them, no matter whether you have established an internet connection or not, which is a good thing.

Since we are talking about an open-source tool, then you can expect quite a vibrant community, that has provided it with numerous features that are present only with expensive tools. Even though it many don’t look like that, we would say that only those with experience should use this one due to the numerous advanced features it offers you.

7. Snagit


Last but not least, we want to point out the options Snagit can offer you. It is a quite useful tool, which can help with an instant capture both of videos and images. You shouldn’t be afraid of any limitations when it comes to the number of formats you can work with, since it supports many.

Plus, you’ll be satisfied with the number of features to use with this one. The features are pretty easy to use, and you will not need to spend too much time understanding all of them. With a proper tutorial, we believe that mastering this tool in a couple of hours is an achievable task.

In Conclusion

Screen recording has become quite an important feature in the last couple of years since many people have started creating their video content. We are not just talking about YouTube, but also about much other content, like courses. Here, you can find the top seven software that can help you with this task if you work on a Windows PC.

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