Pooja Bhatt said Bhatts always supported newcomers and outsiders. Kangana Ranaut was also launched by the Bhatts.

Actress-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has countered nepotism allegations aimed at the Bhatts, asserting that as a household of filmmakers they’ve consistently supported newcomers and outsiders.

Pooja pointed out there was a time in which the Bhatts were accused of “only working with newcomers and not chasing celebrities”.

“Have been asked to comment on the hot subject Nepotism that folks are furious about. As someone who awakens from a “household” that has established more new talent-actors, musicians & technicians, than the entire film industry combined I can simply laugh. Facts don’t find takers. Fiction does,” she started her chain of tweets.

“There has been a period when the Bhatt’s were accused of having something against recognized performers & forced to feel inferior for only working with/launching novices & not pursuing celebrities. And the very same folks play with the nepotism card? Google & tweet men & won’t even say think & talk,” she added.

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Pooja also said they started Kangana Ranaut Carrier with “Gangster”.

Yes Anurag Basu discovered her, but Vishesh Films backed his vision & spent in the film. No small accomplishment. This’s wishing her the very best in all her endeavours,” she added.

She talked about her upcoming movie”Sadak 2″ together with sister Alia Bhatt. The movie is directed by their own father, Mahesh Bhatt.

“Even #Sadak2 brings birth to a brand-new gift in the form of @Suniljeet72 A music teacher from Chandigarh who came into our office without a previous appointment, a fantasy, a harmonium and also a brilliant song called “Ishq kamaal” that was absorbed to the movie on first hearing from my father,” she added.

Pooja concluded by saying that individuals shouldn’t attempt and humiliate them by using the term “nepotism”.

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“Toh yeh “Nepotism” shabd se kissi aur Ko zalil karne ki koshish karo doston. (Then try to humiliate someone else with this word buddies). The individuals who have found their way into the movies throughout the springboard we supplied over the decades know what we stand for. And if they’ve forgotten, It’s their catastrophe. Not ours. Have a great afternoon,” she reasoned.

“Sadak 2” is a follow-up of Mahesh Bhatt “therefore 1991 hit “Sadak” and is created by his own brother Mukesh Bhatt. The sequel reunites the original movie”s lead group of Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt, along with stars Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapur. “Sadak two” marks Mahesh Bhatt”therefore return to filmmaking after 20 decades. It’s slated for an OTT premiere shortly.

Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide, soon after the movie was supported for a digitaal release, social media continues to be aggressively trolling “Sadak 2” along with also the Bhatts, calling for a boycott of the movie grounds of nepotism.

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