PM Modi not in a ‘Good Mood’ over conflict situation with China: Donald Trump

Issuing a statement, the Ministry of External Affairs said that the Indian troops are strictly following procedures laid out from bilateral pacts with China to resolve the issue.

US President had said: We’ve informed both India and China that the United States is prepared, willing and ready to mediate or arbitrate their currently excruciating boundary dispute.

We have a significant struggle going on between India and China. Both country has powerful Army, and about 1.4 billion people in each. India isn’t happy and likely China is not happy.

I did talk to Prime Minister Modi. He’s not in a good mood about what is going on with China,” said Trump on Thursday.

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In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Wednesday that both China and India have appropriate mechanisms and communication channels to solve the problems through dialogue and consultations.

Reacting to Trump’s mediation, the Ministry of External Affairs said that Delhi and Beijing are participated in a diplomatic level to resolve the problem peacefully.

Especially, the tensions escalated between India and China following numerous confrontations between soldiers of both armies. Troops of both India and China were engaged in 2 face-offs in Eastern Ladakh and North Sikkim along the disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC), where troops from both sides suffered injuries early this month.

I did talk to PM Modi, he’s not in a good mood about what is happening with China, said US president Donald Trump, a day after committing to mediate between New Delhi and Beijing on the border issue. However, the US president didn’t explain when he talked to the Indian Prime Minister.

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The situation in eastern Ladakh deteriorated after around 250 Chinese and Indian soldiers was engaged in a barbarous face-off on the night of May 5, which spilled over to another day before both sides agreed to “disengage” following a meeting at the level of local commanders. More than 100 Indian and Chinese soldiers were hurt in the violence.

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