Microsoft pausing advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Microsoft that spent over $115 million on Facebook advertisements this past year is allegedly pausing advertisements on both the Facebook and Instagram.

The software giant, but hasn’t announced its involvement from the wider ad boycott effort combined by over 100 manufacturing companies.

Microsoft had suspended its own advertisements Facebook and Instagram from the US in May.

“Microsoft is worried about where its advertisements are displayed, not Facebook’s policies. However, the movement still signifies another significant advertiser isn’t spending Facebook at the moment,” stated the report mentioning inner Microsoft posts.

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“According to worries we had back in May we suspended all of media spending Facebook/Instagram at the usa and we’ve then suspended all spending Facebook/Instagram globally,” Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela allegedly said in an inner article on business social media Yammer.

“The deadline on resuming our websites spending is determined by the positive action they choose, but I hope our pause will last through August,” Capossela additional.

Microsoft earlier ceased spending Google”s YouTube over comparable issues.

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