Mention the Objective of FHRAI.

The Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) formed in 1954, was incorporated as a company under the Indian companies act on 7th December, 1955. The federation was formed by the four regional associations functioning in the country viz. Hotel and Restaurant Association of Eastern India, Calcutta Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India, New Delhi; Hotel and Restaurant Association Western, Bombay and the South India Hotel & Restaurant Association, Madras.

Principal Objective of FHRAI.

Unite the four Regional Association in a representative national organization,

Create a national fraternity of the hotel and restaurant establishment located all over India a consider and take decisions on all questions of interest to the hotel and restaurant industry,

Act as an information centre and disseminate statistical and other information concerning the hotel and restaurant industry and advise its members on matters of importance to them,

Promote and market the hospitality industry of India, especially hotels and restaurants, in the national and international market,

Coordinate and liaise with the ministry/department of tourism and other concerned departments/agencies of the central and state government to achieve accelerated growth of the hotel and restaurant industry by securing suitable incentives for this industry and consider all questions connected with the hotel and restaurant industry and, as far as possible, to secure redressal of grievances of the industry.

The business of the federation is managed by an executive committee comprising 24 members, 6 from each region. The federation secretariat is functioning from New Delhi with Secretary General, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary and other staff.

The federation is a member of the International Hotel Association. The federation has emerged in a new role of a far more active and dynamic participant in the all out efforts of Govt., both central and state, to accelerate the development of tourism in the country in general and the hotel and restaurant industry in particular so as to fully exploit its increasing foreign exchange earning and employment generating potential.

It is well known that hotels and restaurants constitute the major segment of tourism industry in the country and the success of any tourism promotion programme and plans depend on the availability of this basic infrastructure. According to an old adage “if there is no hotel, there cannot be any tourism. “Though this may be disputed by some, but no doubt tourists do need a place to stay.

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