Mention the different types of tourism accommodation and their characteristics.

Nature of Tourist Accommodation:

A tourist is a person who leaves his home to visit new places, thus he needs somewhere to stay in that location, therefore they may look for a place where they may find a clean bed and toilet facilities at the most. This is termed as accommodation where tourists could stay and are also able to get food.

There are various categories of Tourist Accommodations in India. These are:


There are three categories of hotels available in India. These are—

Five Star Deluxe Hotels: These are usually found in metropolitan cities and have 200 – 800 rooms. They are categorized by certain international standards which include a given number of restaurant, a particular size of lobby, business centre facilities, a swimming pool etc.

First-class Hotels: These are also located in the big metropolitan cities and mid-sized cities and are a step down from the five star Deluxe Hotels.

Non-Star Hotels: These are found in almost all tourist attractions. These hotels are generally preferred by tourists because they suit their budget.

Resorts and Lodges:

These are often found in so-called “off the beaten trek” destinations and are meant exclusively for the tourists. The resorts and lodges usually have certain features such as elaborate swimming pools, a balcony, etc. In India we have Beach resorts, Hill resorts and Wild Life resorts. These usually offer a stay in natural surroundings and thus cater to tourists of different tastes and budgets.

Tented Camps:

This is a new concept in Tourism accommodation in India. Tented camps are usually set up in very remote places as near a game park or wild life reserves or at place in proximity to nature. Their bathrooms are either attached or set up separately. Another variation in Tented Camp is the mobile tented camps which used while trekking.

Heritage Hotels:

Heritage Hotels are palaces turned into Hotels and generally these are located in the historical places like Rajasthan etc. And these hotels are liked by the tourists visiting a historical city.

Guest Houses:

The guest house is found in cities, towns and remote destinations. Usually, those individuals who travel on their own, spend relatively longer periods use such facilities. Guest Houses are also built by different Departments of government in famous hill stations.

Thus in India we have variety of tourist accommodation that puts the purpose of visit and budget of all people.

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