Settling The Debates: Is Poker A Sport Or Just A Gambling Game

Gambling as a pastime activity and a hobby predates the industry that now exists by centuries, perhaps even thousands of years. If we take a step back and realize how natural for the human being it is to gamble on an outcome of something, we can probably guess that ancient civilizations had some sort of wagering, betting, or gambling that would qualify by modern standards. It has always been popular to make your way to the local tavern, saloon, or pub and find likeminded individuals who share the same passion. Nowadays, that is done at local casinos around your town as well as huge gambling resorts like the ones in Las Vegas and Monaco.

Modern spoils have reshaped the gambling industry in many ways, starting with the whole legalization ordeal and turning into a lucrative industry. These days, anyone who wants to host gambling activities needs to abide to special rules and respect laws and regulations. Special government bodies exist that overlook everything and make it hard and nearly impossible to cheat, scam, and run an illegitimate casino, at least for long. Of course, there is also the online gambling variety where you no longer need to leave your home, or you can gamble on the move on your mobile device. All in all, the action of gambling is so much different than it used to be, all for the better.

Different Ways to Do It


The most important thing this new age of gambling has allowed the players comes in the form of different ways to gamble. There is of course the good old amateur side of things where hobbyists, enthusiasts, and fans play their favorite gambling games every so often and do not expect much of it. They go to their casino or log online, have fun playing, win something, probably lose more than that, and call it a day. This is how most gamblers do it these days, at least the amateurs who seek pleasure and entertainment more than an actual way to earn some money on the side.

Then there is the group of gamblers who are more serious about things, who want to win more than they lose and have a steady income from their favorite hobby. They employ strategies, learn new tactics, and only play games that they can get better at. Increasing their skill is important because it allows them to be better and limits the luck factor that many games have. This is where things are more serious and where stakes are higher, where people can earn a lot of money at times that makes a real difference in their lives.

Finally, there are the professionals. How can there be a pro gambler, we hear you ask. Well, not only can there be one, but it is actually considered a sport, particularly the fan favorite, classic gambling game of poker. And here is where things get interesting and relevant to the titular debate. Can poker be considered a sport or is it just another regular gambling game? Well, that is exactly what we are here to discuss today. Read along to find out more about this interesting game on the ever present casino card game of poker and be sure to check out if you are interested in playing some online varieties.

Poker is a Unique Casino Game


Right off the bat, we need to talk about why poker is so special and why it has been so much more popular than other games, say blackjack or roulette for example. First of all, poker is a game where luck does not matter nearly as much as with certain other games. There are definitely some aspects of it that are controlled by Lady Luck, but most other things revolve around the player’s skill, ability to bluff, and the ability to read others. Of course, a lot of experience goes a long way as you need to be able to tell what can happen and what cannot happen in a game based on the circumstances.

Poker is also probably the most difficult game because of the high learning curve and the said popularity. Everyone wants to get better so the game is very competitive. If one wants to get better, they need to start playing against opponents who are better than them and start beating them on the regular. Because of all this, poker has been the number one followed and streamed gambling game, as well as the game that celebrities play for charities and that TV stations host as competitions. Poker is simply the game when it comes to gambling because of the whole competitive nature it has, which is very similar to what exists in sports.

In every sport you need to practice hard and do it regularly. Your head needs to be in it, you have to want it, study it. Then, when time comes for competing, the players need to remember everything they know, pick the right strategy based on what goes on and how the match progresses, and do their best to outsmart and outplay the opponent. Of course, there are leaderboards, rankings, competitions, and prizes. There is everything any other sport has so of course that it can be considered a sport. It may not be physically demanding, but neither is chess and neither are video games, and many refer to them as sports because of the competitiveness and the amount of time it takes to get good at it.

Conclusion and Takeaways


To sum up the debate, poker is both a sport because of the enormous amount of attention it gets and how the professional side of things are treated, and a regular gambling game to be enjoyed in your own down time as an amateur. And that is fine. Basketball is a sport, but there is a huge difference between doing it professionally and as a fan and enthusiast. The same goes for video games and e-sports. Poker is the most popular casino style game and it is synonymous with gambling, but a sportsmanlike spirit does surround it and the players will never say otherwise. Although not physical athletes, their craft sure is a sport, and a unique one at that.

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