IMA says: Coronavirus community spread started in India

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) says the neighborhood spread of Corona has begun in India. According to the IMA, the situation in Corona from the country has worsened considerably.

V K Monga Monga (Chairperson of IMA Hospital Board) claims that the amount of corona patients in the country is growing quickly, which is a really dangerous situation. According to Dr. Monga, there are more than 30 thousand cases in India daily and that is a really terrible situation for the nation because now the virus is spreading in rural areas, which is quite a bad sign and it’s showing community spread.

According to Dr. Mongait was controlled in Delhi, but the situation in remote Regions of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa and Madhya Pradesh Isn’t good.

Let’s know that the Union Health Ministry has been always saying that the community spread of Corona has not begun in India yet, in this case, Dr. Monga’s statement is very important. Before Dr. Monga, many health experts have also said that corona community disperse has begun in India.

You will find record Instances of Corona in India every day, because of which the number of infected patients in the nation has crossed 1 million. At the exact same time, more than 26 thousand people have died because of this virus. India has reached the third place in the world concerning corona patients.

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Corona has the maximum number of patients in India. Dr. Monga has proposed that the Central and State Governments to take utmost precautions.

Capital Delhi Is seen to be under control, in last few days, Delhi registered less than 2000 covid-19 instances.

In Punjab, CM Captain Amarinder Singh gives nod for creation of plasma bank.

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