Facebook Announced Permanent Remote Work Option for Employees

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the social media firm will allow permanent remote work for many of its existing employees and aggressively open up remote hiring. The social networking giant is the latest in the growing list of businesses and enterprises to adopt long term work-from-home policies in the wake of this coronavirus pandemic.

He Said: I think we are going to be the most forward company to do that. But we will do it in a means that is measured and responsible and phased over time.

Zuckerberg anticipates that about 50 percent of Facebook’s workforce will Work remotely within the next five to ten years. That Isn’t a goal or a target, but since we see the demand for remote work, coupled with aggressive remote hiring, I think that it is fairly possible that is where we will be,” he explained.

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Facebook was among the firsts to adapt Work from Home as Situation got worse as a result of coronavirus outbreak. It’d already asked its whole staff to work from home through the end of this calendar year, and potentially longer if the coronavirus pandemic resurges in the fall.

Additionally, it plans to start up remote hiring in america and Canada, a movement that Zuckerberg said will significantly expand Facebook’s recruiting capability and access to gift.

It does not appear that Good to constrain hiring to people who live round offices,” Zuckerberg said. “Right now we’re doing nicely recruiting in small hubs, but being able to recruit more widely is going to open a lot of new gift that maybe would not have considered moving to a big town. It is also going to help us retain some important talent.”

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The Business will focus on building remote work hubs in Atlanta, More immediately, the company will work to hire seasoned Engineers who live within a particular distance — say a one to four hour drive — In the cities where it has existing engineering offices, such Portland, San

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