Explain what a theme dinner is for tourist? Mention its ingredients.

Theme dinners are an effective way in which entire holiday experience can be built around a local meal. In dealing with tour groups, theme dinners are often built into a particular package and sometimes prove to be a highlight of the holiday. A banquet area can be transformed into a village fort a rustic theme or a palace for a royal banquet or anything else that the travel professionals imagination can devise.

An exciting variation can be a theme dinner in spectacular location, such as the ramparts of a local fort or on a cliff overlooking the sea or on a barge or on the river. The imagination and innovation that travel professionals bring to their jobs can ensure that there are no ends to the number of themes, that are possible in a country so culturally rich as ours.

The ingredients of a successful theme dinner would be-

  • Atmosphere.
  • Participation.
  • Authentic cuisine.
  • Convincing fantasy and
  • An adequate degree of animation.

The concept of animation is something which is just beginning to be taken seriously in our country. A simpler way of putting it would be to call it participatory activity.

A visitor to a new city is often overwhelmed by all there is to see. Every travel destination of India has such a wealth of monuments and bazaars, emporiums and hill resorts, historical places, beaches and other places of interest. However, to the visitor, a great deal of the day’s activity consists of trailing through one monument after another, passively absorbing information being offered by guides and brochures, taking in innumerable new impressions and merely looking on.

As a chance and relief from all this passivity, it is necessary for visitors to be able to take part in some enjoyable activities to round out the day. Hotels and travel professionals can make this possible by creating events and activities that provide excitement and pleasure.

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