Explain the various Types of Measures of Dispersion.

There are two types of measures of dispersion:

  1. Absolute measures of dispersion
  2. Relative measures of dispersion.

Absolute measures of dispersion: 

These are the measures which are expressed in the same statistical unit in which original data are given such as kilograms, inches, Rs., marks etc. Range, quarterly deviation, mean deviation and standard deviation are absolute measures of dispersion.

Relative measures of dispersion: 

Relative measures of dispersion are the measures which measure relative dispersion. When dispersion is measured as a percentage or ratio, it is called relative dispersion. It is not expressed in the unit of the original data. Following are the four relative measures of dispersion:

Explain the various Types of Measures of Dispersion.

These formulate are same for all the three series individual, discrete and continuous.

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