Explain the various sources of data for the history of tourism.

There are various and diverse sources for the history of Tourism. The sources used to know about the ancient period are:

  • Literary records,
  • Inscriptions, graffiti, seals, papyras receipts,
  • Archaeological evidence including painted pottery,
  • Diplomatic records,
  • Oral history and folk culture, both traditional and personal etc.

But important sources are Statistical Records and Other Secondary Sources.

Statistical Records: These are primary sources and of recent origin. Statistics or numerical data began to be collected only after it was recognized that tourism has an important economic impact. The volume of tourism statistic grows with the emergence of the international union of official tourism organisations. The National Tourism Bodies as well as International Tourism Organisations have achieved a great standardization of data.

Secondary Sources: Under this category come personal documents that include diaries, journals and letters of educated travelers academics and intellectuals.

Mass communications which include newspapers, journals, advertisements, guide books, magazines etc. These resources have been studied to form a picture of tourism such as itineraries, important events and holiday patterns.

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