Explain the need for principles of Management.

Management theorists observed the following needs for principles of management:

Organization and management should be based on sound principles, principles were fundamental truth which have a universal application.

Management principles are needed for the successful and effective function of an organization.

Management principles form the part of management theory and are needed in spreading knowledge of management through teaching.

Management principles are the bases through which managerial actions are successfully applied.

Management principles help in judicious division of work.

Management principles simplify management practice.

Since management principles are explanatory they help in formulating a plan of action by a manager.

With management principles in place, managers do not have to use trial and error methods of work.

Management principles sets the working rules for managerial functions.

Management principles provide yard sticks of desirable managerial behaviour.

Management principles are very flexible and leave an simple scope for individual action and satisfaction.

Management principles make available useful elements of systematic theory of management. Need for management principles is universal.

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