Enumerate the primary/major constituents of tourism industry.

The primary/major constituents of Tourism industry are as follows


You need a mode of transport to travel or to suggest one to your client if one is a travel agent or a tour operator Further, the travel depends on the availability of seats etc. Today, the travel industry is a highly developed industry with its various branches in the areas of road, rail, air and water.


A tourist not only travels but also stays some where. And here comes in accommodation. It might be of different types i.e. from cottages or tourist lodges to a house boat or a five star hotel.

Catering, Food and Entertainment:

A tourist has to eat also and here comes the role of catering and food. Restaurants, fast food joints and dhabas, all play a role in this regard with different cuisine to offer. Different forms of entertainments are provided as attractions at the destinations.


The intermediaries constitute the travel agency, tour operator and guide services. The constituents which co-relate all the components of tourism is the travel agent/tour operator who has accumulated knowledge, expertise and contacts with providers of services.

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