Distinguish between Particular Lien and General Lien.

Lien means right to retain possession of goods until some debt or claim is settled. Right of lien arises

  • by statute, or
  • by contract, or
  • by general course of dealings between the parties,in a particular trade.

Liens are two kinds:

  1. Particular lien and
  2. General lien.

Particular lien is one which is available to the bailee only against those goods in respect of which he has rendered any service involving the exercise of labor or skill. In other words, the bailee has right to retain the particular goods until all claims in respect of those goods are satisfied.

General lien means the right to retain all the goods of the other party until all the claims of the holder are satisfied. This is a right to retain the property of another for a general balance of account.

Differences between Particular lien and General lien


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