Discuss the various components of tourism industry and their linkages.

Constituents of Tourism Industry: The constituents of Tourism Industry may be classified into two categories:

  1. Primary /major constituents.
  2. Secondary constituents.

Primary /major constituents:

The primary constituents of tourism industry are as follows:

Transport: The most essential requirement to a particular plan is convenience transport. The travel depends on the availability of seats etc.

Accommodation: Every tourist first of all look for accommodation to stay. It varies from lodges to cottages, to small hotels to five star hotels.

Catering, Food and Entertainment: Tourists also need good food to eat. In this regard restaurants, fast food joints and dhabas play a significant role. Different forms of entertainments are also provided as attractions at the destinations.

Intermediaries : The Intermediaries constitute the travel agency, tour operators and guide services.

The constituent which co-relates all the components of tourism is the trained agent/tour operator, he acts as useful and valuable intermediary between the traveller and the suppliers of tourist services like airlines, transport companies, hotels and auto rental companies.

Secondary constituents:

Some of the important secondary constituents of tourism industry are as follows:

Shops and Emporiums: These sell variety of products to tourists many State Governments have opened their emporiums in different states. In Delhi, emporiums of almost all states are located on Baba Kharag Singh Marg.

  • Handicrafts and souvenirs.
  • Local taxi/transportation services.
  • Haukers and coolies.
  • Communications services like STD booths at the destination.
  • Touts and Brokers.
  • Publishing Industry who publishes travel guides, brochures magazines, etc.
  • Artists, performers, musicians etc. who perform for the entertainment of tourists.
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