Discuss the role of transportation in the growth of tourism in India with special reference to the aviation sector.

The transportation is an essential part of the tourism industry and it plays an important role as well. Without it, traveling, would be impossible. It is because of the improvement of transportation that tourism has expanded. Transportation. and the advanced vehicles have made travel to all the corners of the world possible, and while making some changes to the market, it had brought tourism to a whole new level.

Tourism has been trying to meet the demands of the tourists and that means improving the transportation facilities and building better transport systems, including high quality highways, railways and airports as well as the accessibility of support. services such as petrol stations, motels and restaurants which will ease the tourism industry to improve.

These factors also help during the decision making process, why do tourists choose different forms of holiday destination and transport. The tourists must consider every aspect before making d decision and the four modes of transport which is road, rail, water and air, play a very important role.

Tremendous growth in the Indian economy is the main reason for the growth in tourism in India. Though the infrastructure is still a constraint it sustains the current growth and that the government should invest in infrastructure like transport, accommodation, better roads, health and hygiene, etc. for the growth of the industry has invested in new technology like CRM tools and state of the art security systems.

India’s tourism industry is experienced a strong period of growth which is drives by the burgeoning Indian middle class and high spending foreign tourists with coordinated government campaigns to promote ‘Incredible India’.

In air transport network India has bagged 37th rank for itself. Indian tourism industry is ranked 5th in the long term (10-year) growth and is expected to be the second largest employer in the world by 2019. Air travel is no longer a luxury commodity.

The air transport industry has not only underpinned wealth creation in the developed world, but has also brought enormous benefits to developing economies by unlocking their potential for trade and tourism. Air transport improves quality of life by broadening people’s leisure and cultural experiences. It provides a wide choice of holiday destinations around the world and an affordable means to visit distant friends and relatives.

Air transport helps to improve living standards and alleviate poverty, for instance, through tourism. Air transport may provide the only transportation means in remote areas, thus promoting social inclusion. Air tilt:apart contributes to sustainable development. By facilitating tourism and trade, it generates economic growth, provides jobs, increases revenues from taxes, and fosters the conservation of protected areas.

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