Discuss the process of planning and costing of a tour package. Explain with example.

Tourism planning helps to co-relate and co-ordinate the role of public and private sector. It directs development properly and demarcates the areas for development. It enables to determine the types of tourism to be promoted and improves the quality of services. Finally and most importantly it helps market a destination.

The process of planning and costing, includes a variety of aspects like the social and recreational needs of the local community and the similar needs of the tourists. Tourism cannot flourish at the cost of the needs of the local community. Hence priority is to be given to the benefits for local people from tourism in terms of income, revenue and employment. This strengthens the financial position of the local bodies.

Thus, they can be actively involved in resort development and tourism development programmes. This would also establish a foundation for friendly relationship among local elected representatives and officials. The social and recreational needs of the local community and the similar needs of the tourists are taken into account.

Development of concepts of tourism that will be environmentally and Culturally sustainable over a long period and which should guide and control investment with greater responsibility and respect for people at the destination is vital Diversification of tourism from the traditional sight seeing tours centered places of cultural tourism interest towards the more rapidly-growing holiday tourism markets within the framework of the country’s milieu with a conscious attention to the aesthetic environment and socio-cultural integration of tourism projects is necessary in this respect.

Planning for development of non-traditional areas such as trekking, winter sports, wildlife tourism, beach resort tourism so as to, attract more tourists and to long then their period of stay in the country can also be considered.

The costing of a tour package is determined by a travel consultant and organizer for tourists. It includes arrangement for the travel, accommodation, transport facilities and other facilities and requirements of the tourists.

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