Discuss the importance of silk route.

Silk Route is the most interesting link in the east/west movement of people and it had begun in the 2000 BC. This silk route is reported and mentioned in travel records, annals and chronicles written for courts and kings and in the accounts of pilgrims.

The importance of the Silk Route:

Along the Silk Route stages of the journey were short and navigation was done by the stars when not following the courses of a stream or river.

Travelling took place generally in winter because the extreme topography and climate made the route one of the most hazardous routes.

Revenue was collected from the travelers as a resource for the state. Larger states attracted travelers with shelter and other facilities and lowered taxes to encourage wealthy people to visit their towns and cities because travelers brought wealth.

Along with wealth new ideas and technology also reached these places along the silk.

The experience of the traveler indicated a frame of mind which may be described as touristic because it involved visiting new places, people and culture etc.

Because of the development of touristic activities over the years a complex character of tourism has developed along the Silk Route. Because of the complexity of motivations, needs and satisfaction tourism emerged as an amalgam of phenomena and their relationships rather than a single or unique orientation.

These interrelationships rise from the movement of people to end their stay at various destinations that provided dynamic element in the progress of tourism.

The tourist movements were temporary and relatively short term in character with intention to return to the place of residence after the completion of the travel.

But tourism provided different activities which were distinct from the local population.

Thus the silk route not only helped in the development of trade but also gave new dimensions to the tourism.

Discuss the importance of silk route.
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