The different Roles of ICT?

ICT performs three major roles in the social sector. These are of knowledge provider, employment provider and education provider.

ICT as knowledge Provider : 

ICT has come as a boon to the poor nations and less privileged people because world-wide, identical information can be accessed within seconds. The information available on the Internet can be accessed from any part of the world.

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Even the best Libraries in any region cannot, afford to procure all the hooks published. Earlier there have been difficulties in accessing information. With the advent of Internet, now everyone can get identical and up-to-date information.

Initially all information provided on the Internet was free and people were in fact provided incentives for accessing information, but now some of the information can be acquired only on payment of money.

In fact, provides at times charge so exorbitantly that most people in the developing world cannot afford to get information from these sources. Information provided free of cost often comes out to be common knowledge and findings of any recent research or writings of popular writers are exorbitantly charged.

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Many a time, information seekers get frustrated as ever after hours of Internet surfing they get no information worth the name and the information they consider useful is not provided free.

The costs are so high that they cannot afford. It is also necessary to mention that a Major part of such payments go to companies and institutions which are providing such services especially in the developed world.

ICT as Employment Provider:

ICT has made it possible for people to Work from one part of the world to employee’s from other parts of the world.

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You may have come across the term call Center Where people start work at late hours and finish working only during the early hours of the day.

These offices undertake assignments from overseas and work for foreign countries.

Same of the offices transcribe the medical prescription recorded by the doctors and help the hospitals and clinics in providing neatly written prescriptions to patients, as well as respond to local Calls by clients for assistance, etc.

ICT as Education Provider:

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One of the major implications of ICT is witnessed in the field of education. Now a day, learners have started taking courses offered on line.

This means course contents are put on the Internet and learners access the site and study the course material on their own.

It must be clear to you tat ICT can augment quality and help provide better education, if institutions from two different countries collaborate and use ICT to provide education.

It can prove to be a groats asset but if it is not used in collaborative mode it may turn out to be a source of exploitation as Well Competition leads to improvement in quality. Institutions permitting less  interaction with outside world slowly turn into degree churning bodies.

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ICT can make things more transparent and slowly develop a sense of competition with the outside world. This will help institutions grow and strengthen and also help augment the quality of education.

Traditional campus  based. education  required learners to devote a substantial time to the study of course material, but ICT based courses need riot require long duration of time as the duration of some of the courses vary from a few hours, a few years.

These courses can provide updating on a certain topic, which facilities effective performance of tasks. No learner can go to a campus for acquiring knowledge about a specific area but the.

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Internet based course facilitates this As the corpus of knowledge is expanding, people can learn on their own by devoting time between working hours, but this is not possible in campus based institutions. Learning can become a habit among-st people opting for ICT based courses.

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