Define the meaning and concept of development reporting.

Development reporting involves writing about programs and policies and the resulting economic change. It is also about community feelings and reactions to programs and change. India saw rapid transformation in all walks of life after it adopted a process of planned development through the five year plans in 1951. People welcomed some of these changes, while many developments have been opposed by them. As development takes place, a number of new issues come up. Some become controversial and take the shapes of agitation, protests and dharnas.

A developmental reporter writes on these developmental issues creating awareness. The report should be informative. It should bring awareness among readers, listeners and viewers about the various plans, schemes, projects and program drawn up by government and different agencies. It should create an atmosphere of understanding the objectives of these schemes and ultimately mobilize and motivate people to participate in development program and processes.

Participation of the people led to increase in production of food, building of new roads, laying of rail tracks, construction of houses, creation of facilities for safe drinking water, electricity and communication lines. People can take initiative to build more and more hospitals, clinics, primary health centers, schools, colleges and universities. People’s participation can Ied to setting up of cinema houses, radio stations and television centers.

Basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter, safe drinking water, medical care and sanitation are fulfilled through development. Development raises the income and the living standard of people. A reporter needs to some special skills, preparations and qualities to be able to do this job successfully. A reporter should have an idea about different development programs and has also to collect information on various projects.

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