Define the concept of Planning and distinguish it from Plan.

The concept of planning defined as looking ahead into the future and try to anticipate as what it would be or likely to look like and how it will affect the organization and what direction the organization should take so as to be ready to cope up with the eventualities it may face. Planning is the concept of setting future objective in right perceptive and decision on the ways and means of achieving these objectives. Planning is systematic way of deciding about and doing things in a purposeful manner.

Planning vs Plan

  • Planning proves the way for plans.
  • Plans are the part of planning.
  • Planning is objective, plan is subjective.
  • Planning is continuous and on going, plans are specific and time sensitive.
  • Planning is flexible and are subject to change, plans are more or less rigid and usually are not subject to change.
  • Plans maybe short-term or long term, planning is continuous and forever.
  • Planning is a guide map towards objective of an organization, plans are guide map for a particular action.
  • Planning is management functions, plans area supervisory function.
  • Plans help achieve the objectives, planning sets the objectives.
  • Plans complement and supplement planning. Planning initiates plans.

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