Define the concept of Management process and Management as a social and dynamic process.

Management process may be defined as process through which management functions are carried out, it is basically a social process as managers get things done by managing people who perform. Management process is dynamic, a moving force that generates interaction and integration and harmony while making things happen.

Key Features of Management Process:

  • Goal-Oriented: Management is always goal-oriented and the achievement of goals is the prime function of every management.
  • Depicts the nature of job: The process gives a clear cut picture of the nature of job to be performed by the manager through planning, organizing, direction and control.
  • Ongoing Process: It is an ongoing and continuous process which never ends.
  • Inter-relationship: The managerial functions have a definite inter relationship and each function supplement each other.
  • Transformation of Input and Outputs: Management process transforms all input into outputs.
  • Functions are applicable to one another: Common process of management guides students and practitioners.

Elton Mayo who pioneered the human relations approach to the management the fulfillment of the workers social needs have beneficial effects on the morale and efficiency. According to human relations approach is based on the view that Modern organization is a social system in which the social environment and interpersonal relations govern the behaviour of employees.

Management functions are dynamic in nature and ever changing according to the need of hour and the contingent situations. Management Is social process and managers mobilize, coordinate and motivate people to, get things done. The managers have to communicate with the employees and guide them and get along with them.

Managers need social skills to get things done from subordinates and ensure that the employees cooperate without fear. Management is moving force and dynamic process which generates interactions, integration and harmonic relations. The dynamism of management process allows it to adapt it selves to individual functions to the needs of the organization. The dynamic process balances between the requirements and realities of the external environment.

Any social process has to be dynamic, the society keeps on changing their expectations and aspirations and every management has to meet the social challenges through an inbuilt dynamism.

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