Decluttering Your Home: A Step-by-Step Guide to Simplify Your Move

Is your move turning out to be an overwhelming experience due to too much stuff? You can make the process easier for yourself by decluttering your home. This article will guide you through the steps needed to simplify your move and give you a fresh start in life. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Assessing Your Possessions

Before you start packing up and throwing out possessions, you’ll want to perform an assessment. To begin your assessment, separate items into categories. Group all books together, all clothing together, furniture, electronics and so on. As you go through each group, make four piles: Keep, Sell/Donate, Repair/ refurbish and Discard.


Most people tend to place too much sentimental value on items they no longer use or need. To stop oneself from becoming too attached it helps to ask some key questions while going through this process: How long have I owned it? Do I use it regularly? Does it still bring me joy? Could someone else benefit from this item more than me? Do I even have space for this item in my new home? Could I potentially make money off of it by selling it? If you have a lot of heavy furniture or fragile items, consider hiring professional movers to help you pack and transport them safely to your new home.

As you assess the items in each pile be sure to consider quality and condition. Is the item slightly worn but still usable? Could a few improvements make a piece functional again? If a piece doesn’t fit with your current style or aesthetic anymore can you pass it onto someone who may appreciate it more or sell/donate it for them to enjoy instead of tossing out something that could otherwise be reused or recycled in another way?

Creating a Decluttering Plan

One of the best ways to make decluttering your home more manageable is by creating a plan. This plan should be tailored to your own lifestyle and space, because every person’s needs are different. Before starting out, it’s important to set realistic goals and take both the amount of time and energy you have into account. Before you begin sorting through things, consider why you actually want to declutter in the first place — is it to create a cleaner living space, or do you have a specific goal in mind? Make sure that your plan allows for flexibility, as life happens!


Once you know why you’re decluttering and what changes need to be made, start by setting dates for when each step will take place. This could include:

  • Establishing an overall timeline
  • Setting aside specific days each week or month
  • Scheduling regular donation pickups
  • Picking a room or area on which to focus first
  • Addressing things that are cluttering up storage spaces like closets and cupboards

From there, decide how big of chunks of time each task should take — whether it’s a single day or several weeks — so that you can determine which steps need priority when you have limited amounts of time (or energy!). Finally, keep track of progress so that mapping out each step along the way keeps morale high. And remember: moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming! With some good old fashioned organization, planning next steps and creating an achievable timeline can make all the difference.

Room-by-Room Decluttering


Moving is the perfect opportunity for you to take some time and get rid of things that you no longer need, use, or want. To make your move as smooth and stress free as possible, here are some tips for decluttering your home room-by-room before you pack:

Living Room/Family Room: Begin by assessing where you’d like to keep certain items within the room versus outside of the room (e.g., a chest of drawers may be better suited for the bedroom, etc.). Make a list or take pictures with your phone and designate a box for things that will go into storage. Keep what matters most to you—photos, artwork and furniture—and donate the rest.

Kitchen: Sort through dishes and utensils, kitchen appliances, cook books, paperwork (including grocery lists), utensil trays—all underused items fair game! Assess how much space in cabinets will be available in your new home. Reclaim countertops by using wall mounted organizers such as pot racks.

Bedroom/Closets: Take this slowly if needed. Start with an item at a time on hangers either keeping or giving away depending on whether it fits or if there’s still an emotional attachment to it. Audit all shoes in shoe racks for outgrown pairs that can be donated too. Remember the ‘one in one out‘ rule if needed when unpacking at your new residence-it may help keep clutter from returning!

Final Tips for Keeping Your Home Clutter-Free


It can be overwhelming to declutter a home and start the moving process, but it is important to establish clutter-free routines and habits throughout the entire home. Start small with a few items at a time and build up your momentum slowly so that you don’t get burned out. Clutter can quickly accumulate if not properly managed, so make sure to stay on top of keeping things organized and follow these steps for an effective move.

  • Set aside time each day for decluttering tasks such as evaluating what stays or goes during the move by either donating or tossing unwanted items. You can also set aside time weekly or monthly for regular cleaning and organizing tasks.
  • Declutter one room in your home at a time instead of attempting to do the entire house all at once. This will reduce the feeling of overwhelm and give you more control over how much clutter is leaving your home by allowing you to prioritize each task individually.
  • Use storage bins, shelves and other organizational tools to help keep your house clean on a regular basis. This will help ensure that all surfaces in each room are organized, which keeps any mess from coming back too quickly! Make sure everything has its place in your new home as well, so that you don’t end up having to organize after the fact.
  • Make use of natural light whenever possible by doing away with dark curtains and opening up windows during daylight hours, this will create an airy feel in any space without taking up too much space itself!


Decluttering your home is a great way to make the process of moving easier and less stressful. Taking the time to go through each room and organizing whatever you don’t need can help save you time and money in the long run. Our step-by-step guide has given you some tips on how to get started with decluttering your home so that it’s all ready for packing when the moving day arrives. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to simplify your move and have more peace of mind during this exciting transition into a new phase of life.

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