How to Buy Adult Toys and Dolls Without Being Embarrassed

Spicing up your sex life is something that is not only good but is also recommended if you don’t want to enter a dull stage where every night seems the same. When we see all the things that are available for us, no matter if we can use them alone or try them with a partner, it definitely piques our interest and we want to get some of those thighs for ourselves.

The problem with adult toys is that most of us still see them as taboo, and even if you don’t consider them something that is seen that way, you still probably hesitate when you need to enter a shop and go to the register with a toy in hand. Don’t worry if you still feel shy, because we are here to help you. Keep on reading if you want to learn how to buy adult toys and dolls without being embarrassed.

If it makes it easier, say that you are buying it for a friend


This is a trick that can help you out no matter if you are purchasing things online or in a store. When we believe that we can trick the people that are offering us adult toys and dolls, and when we put it in our mind that it is going to be less embarrassing if we choose to say that we are getting a gift, it is going to make this purchase a whole lot easier.

When you start the conversation with the seller by saying that you need their help to choose a gift for a close friend, or even a sister, it is going to be much easier than when you approach them by saying that you need something for yourself.

As you can see later in this article, the sellers don’t really care who you are buying the products for, but sometimes, we can make it much easier for us if we tell a white lie and if we persuade them that the goods, we are on the lookout for are not for us.

If you want to be fully consistent with the story, you can even ask for the product to be gift wrapped, and if you have to, you can even pay extra for special wrapping.

You don’t have to do this, and you never have to explain yourself or say who you are getting things for, however, it may help you out a lot once you remove that barrier that you put on yourself. This is going to be extremely helpful, especially for your first purchase, and once you are done with it, and you see that it was far less judgmental than you thought it will be, the next time around, you won’t bother with explaining yourself.

Order online


The easiest way to feel no embarrassment at all is to order all of your toys and dolls online. If you feel shy about entering a store and if you don’t want to have any interaction with the sellers or other people, you really don’t have to.

The only thing that you need to do is find a store that offers the items that you are interested in and order the toy you want. When doing this, make sure that the store will ship the items to your location, and that they provide discrete packaging.

If you are feeling embarrassed about purchasing something in person, chances are, you don’t want the mailman, the delivery person, or anyone else to know what you ordered. Look for an online store that packs the items properly and that does not label what’s inside them.

Remember that there are amazing stores that offer so much more than you have ever imagined, and the selection in online places is far bigger than any physical store. No matter if you have specific preferences about dolls or toys, you can find most of the things you are looking for in just one shop.

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People are far less judgmental than you think


When we enter one of the stores that offer these toys, we tend to believe that we are going to be judged for the things that we want to purchase. We feel that our preferences may be too different, too weird, or even too kinky. Know that the people who work there are professionals, and they don’t really care what you purchase.

They are not going to have any opinion on what you choose to buy, and they do not care if you want to try out something that may be a bit too experimental, or if you want to just stick to the “vanilla” things.

Keep in mind that the people who work there are put there to help you out, and they will not judge you in any way. Chances are, they all have many of those toys in their own homes, and they are aware that only good things may come of them.

You can choose if you want to interact with the sellers, if you want to ask for their help, or if you want to just find the product you want and get it on your own. Most of them are going to be able to read you and see if you want any interaction, or if you want to be left alone.

If you think about the people around you who are also customers, keep in mind that they are in the same shop as you are. They may be as embarrassed as you, and chances are, they don’t really care what you purchase.

The stigma comes from within, and we are so used to thinking that other people are allowed to have an opinion on what we do, that we prevent ourselves from enjoying our lives just because others may think something. What you do in your life and your bedroom is your concern only, so keep that in your mind. As long as you are not doing something illegal, and as long as you practice safe and consensual sex life, you are free to choose whatever you want to spice it up. Remove the stigma and explore the toys. You will have a much better time than you’ve ever imagined.

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