Briefly Survey the Economic and Social Changes During the Post-Gupta Period.

The most important change in the economic field during the Post Gupta period came due to the practice of land grant. The land grants and the rise of Subsequent feudal system is the most important feature of the post Gupta period. The in equal distribution of land and the military strength led to the creation of many feudal positions which penetrated the traditional varna system. Varna system could not remain in its earlier form. Brahmanas were compelled to adopt other occupation due to their economic difficulties. Due to lana grant and division in land a new class of educated people, the Kayastha emerged. Another important feature of this age in the emergence of Rajputs.

The Rajputs took the position of the ancient Kashtriya varna. In ancient times the boys of the ruling dynasties were called Rajputra, but now this word was used for warrior class and feudal lords. There was not much improvement in the position of the Vaisyas and Shudras. Though there was considerable improvement in their economic position, there was no corresponding improvement in their social positions. Agriculture mainly became the occupation of the Shudras. There was some improvement in the position of the Slaves and they now became the agricultural slaves. They now became the agricultural slaves. But untouchability increased and there was also an increase in the number of untouchable castes.

There was further deterioration in the position of women. The marriageable age for girls was further lowered. Sati system was spreading in the society. Agriculture was still the mainstay of the economy. The irrigation system improved. The trade declined during this period and villages started becoming self sufficient. There was no surplus production for trading purposes as the surplus was appropriated by the zamindars of the Village. But it seems that the trade in common things continued. Some trade in luxury goods also continued for the Kings and land lords. Due to Arab invasion, the trade with West Asia declined but from 10th onwards trade with western world started increasing.

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