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Concept of Social Participation
Social participation implies mobilizing the entire society or community for its own development. It becomes possible if individuals, local groups and social institutions actively participate. In ...
Development of Plagiarism Detection Tools for e-Learning
The online education system stealing someone else's ideas and thoughts and submitting it to different instructors with no prior approval is known as plagiarism. Students on different ...
Tips to Pick the Perfect Vendor for Your Promotional Work Shirts
The corporate world is advancing at a rapid pace, bringing new norms and working mechanisms every day. It is now hard for every company to keep up the pace with this rapidly advancing commercial ...
Continent that Most Advanced in Technology
Technological advancement is a continuous process. It is a process that started from time immemorial. From the use of the first generation computers to today's portable devices. The application of ...
5 Most Popular Best Cross Platforms Mobile Apps.
People spend a lot of time on smart phones. There are lots of great apps which crave you to spend more and more time on screen. To use this app hassle free many popular companies converted their app ...
Latest Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2024-2021.
We're seeing the entrepreneurs are scrambling up rough ground this past year. It appears it's time like never occurred in history. There's a dramatic realignment of digital advertising and marketing ...
Pros and cons of AVOD (Advertising Based Video On-Demand) Monetization.
AVOD stands to get Advertising-Based Video on Demand. AVOD businesses make money by selling ads in their videos, such as video commercials, exhibit banners, sponsored articles and much more. Hence, ...
The complete guide to AVOD (Advertising Based Video On-Demand) Monetization.
The Internet has dramatically impacted the way we see videos. The ability to deliver video over wireless and wired telecom has given birth to advanced online services. Notable ones include YouTube, ...
Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Human Resources in Near Future.
Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly changing the world we live in, and many are worried that robots are coming for our jobs. A growing number of people fear that robots and other ...
Easy Tips & Tricks To Become A Social Media Marketing Hero.
Social networking is a wonderful new trend in on the action. There Are Thousands of individuals creating Facebook and Twitter webpages in order to take part in societal media. This essay can help ...
19 SEO Mystery Tricks to Boost Search Engine Rank of Your Website & Blog.
Google is the leading search engine in the world. If your Website is not designed to appeal to Google searches (or even Yahoo! or even Bing either), the site isn't reaching its potential. Search ...
Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs to face grilling from US panel.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Alphabet, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were set to be grilled by a US panel on Tuesday, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The ...
9 Eye-Catching Color Combinations for Display Advertisement.
Colors are a universal language which has the capability to talk without words. Eye-catching color combinations in display advertising helps in generating more revenue for your business. Their ...
Mozilla Worries it Could be collateral damage in US-Google Warfare
US Department of Justice and 11 states take on Google having an anti-trust lawsuit over its alleged anti-competitive clinics in the Search and Search advertising markets, open source popular browser ...
Driving mode in Google Assistant begins rolling out on Android
Google Assistant's Driving Mode was first revealed at Google I/O 2019, however, the firm has been comparatively quiet about it since then. Driving Mode was intended to switch the phone to some ...
Tech Giant Google Announced Guest Mode Attribute in Google Assistant.
Google Assistant will probably be obtaining a Guest style shortly. If this is switched on, interactions using Google Assistant won't be stored to a Google account. Your information won't be utilized ...
Google LLC v. Oracle America meet in copyright clash at Supreme Court
Tech giants Google and Oracle are clashing in the Supreme Court at a copyright dispute that is worth billions and relevant to the future of software development. The situation before the justices ...
Google makes fun of Apple’s iOS 14 features
Apple rolled out iOS 14 to all iPhone Customers across the world This week. As is the case every year, the newest edition of iOS attracts a ton of new features. And again what happens annually is ...
Google Map partnered with DeepMind, an Alphabet AI research lab, to improve the accuracy.
Google Maps is broadly used for navigation around the world. The company has partnered with DeepMind, an Alphabet AI research lab, to improve the accuracy of its traffic prediction capabilities. ...
Data of 235 mn Instagram, YouTube, TikTok users leaked on Dark Web.
235 million clients of Facebook-owned Instagram, China-based TikTok and Google-owned YouTube happen to be struck by a massive data escape and their personal profiles were up for grabs around the ...
Google’s Budget smartphone Pixel 4a now available in the market
Google budget smart phone Pixel 4a will available in market from Aug 20. After a long-delayed due to pandemic Google announced this on Monday. Pixel 4a have similar features as in other pixel ...
Google One is now free for Mobile and Web
Google One cloud backup service is now for free on mobile and web. Google One cloud backup service offers automatic backup of device data, video, photos, etc. Google one now allows users to ...
Google has decided to work from home until July 2024 to its employees
Google has determined that most of its 200,000 employees and contractors should work from house through next June, a sobering assessment of the pandemic remaining power from the company. The ...
Google launched Google lens for Jio and KaiOS users in India
Google has rolled out the Auto Translate feature of Google Assistant for Jio phone and KaiOS users in India. This attribute can be utilized to translate in KaiOS based phones and users can translate ...
Google is planning to invest in Jio Platforms.
Google is in talks to purchase a stake in Reliance Industries arm Jio Platforms that are digital. An announcement could come after the upcoming few weeks, the agency said quoting people ...
Tech companies includes Google, FB, Microsoft,  join lawsuit against new student visa rule
More than a dozen top American technology companies, such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, on Monday joined a lawsuit filed by the Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...
Microsoft and Google are working together for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in the Play Store.
Microsoft and Google are working together to assist web developers obtain their Progressive Internet Programs (PWAs) to the Play Store. We're working with each other to produce the net a more ...
Google has launched a new organization “Open Usage Commons”
Google has established a brand new organisation concentrated on expanding the definition and philosophy of open source to endeavor trademarks. Called the "Open Usage Commons", the organization ...
Google announced partnering with Canonical Ubuntu maker
Google has announced it is partnering with open source applications operating platform Ubuntu manufacturer Canonical. To deliver its open source UI program development kit Flutter into Linux desktop ...
Google Cloud is reinventing Cloud for all;  especially for ‘Local ke liye Vocal’.
Empowering remote workforce is the single biggest challenge today for millions of organizations of all sizes in India and also Google Cloud is occupied democratizing and reinventing Cloud for ...
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